Bo(u)lder rush III: My, oh My, You need a boulder to cry on!

Nej där fanns ingen lilla My-
det blåste med ett gräsligt gny
det tjöt och drog ur alla vrår
och viftade i mymlans hår
och runt omkring dem, vart man såg,
hemskt stora bummelstenar låg.
De klättrade och kröp bland dem
och Mumintrollet ville hem.
Ack Mymla, sa han, aldrig mer
min mammas hus jag återser!
Fort ut i solskenet igen!
Vad tror du att det hände sen?

In The Book of Moomin, Mymble and little My, the two first desperately try to find the third. Just before My decides that she now might be found, the anguished Moomin and Mymble stumbles through a cave populated by humongous boulders. The wind howls hideously (det blåste med ett gräsligt gny), like it often does in passages and upon thresholds (when doors are opened), and the two are anxious to get out as fast as possible. The briefness of the visit to the realm of becoming is justified by the claim that "No, little My was not to be found there" (Nej där fanns ingen lilla My). She there, she there...

Could one not be found(ed) -- exist -- in becoming? A little forced lost in translation -- anti-etymology, ie philosophical lifestyle athleticism (such as surfing) -- might come in handy here.

Boulder comes from the Scandinavian word Buller (Bummel in the verse above) which means noise. Noise, in turn, is a central sense of the word parasite, which acts as exciter and catalyst in relations. Noise is the transductive area, which becomings inhabit - where the wild things are.
Let the shuttle weave back to Swedish, and we'll find that the word for noise is (o)väsen, which also mean entity! One could be found(ed) in becoming! QED! Yes we can!


Being is becoming. Be(com)ing. Essences, substances, definitions are but snapshots and freeze-frames of constant flux. Whatever is of the essence is off the essence, or, rather, the essence of being is becoming. To exist is etymologically derived from standing or coming forth, to get out of a standing position, or of a place.

Running on boulders is awesome! Becoming rulz! Deterritory FTW!!!!

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