"The ABC, or the D to the E of [whatever]"

The letters ABC mark that a chunk of pedagogy is coming your way - a brief canonization.

Arthuro Brizio Carter, the scorned referee of the World Cup in 1998, learned the consequences of taking things too literally. Prior to the cup the referees were asked by FIFA to take off their silk gloves in certain aspects. The frequency of tackles against players' backs had risen, transgressions, that often were followed by severe injuries.

Carter, who also refereed in the preceeding world cup which was held in the U.S., like no referee before him, blew his whistle, and flashed both yellow and red cards to the degree, just like he was ordered to, that he never got summoned to the next WC.

ABC might seem like a good, reasonable, and legitimate way to proceed, but the risk of stasis and rigid structures always lurk by. The fluid open-ended spirit of soccer was captured in '98. This strategy of learning or in-forming relates to what Badiou labels the didactical model, and, Deleuze & Guattari, the sedentary state-model of arborescence.

Why don't we start from the letters that follow for once?

Proposition for a new idiom:

Just as when you want to communicate a royal, major, state-scientific, non-ambiguous, and solid truth regarding whatever, with the phrase

this is the ABC of [whatever]


this is the D to the E of [whatever]

whenever you want to demonstrate the plasticity, dynamic properties, changeability, virtuality, in short, the minor and revolutionary conditions of the given whatever.

Deleuze and Difference are proper names not be worn out...

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