The art of tracing part V: HypheNation

toronto30meet-041, by Christoph Brunner

[...] people still see this abysslike dichotomy where you, on the other hand, see a fundamental hyphen (Latour to Serres).

The humanities bear within them the question of the hyphen (Latour to Serres).

[...] a hyphen (absent or traced between them) reunites them, [...] a tie so powerful that it's like cement holds them together (Serres to Latour)

Word 2010 was recently installed on my computer. Under the tab Page layout a function, and a word, caught my eye: Hyphenation. It struck me that this must be where tracing takes place. To trace is to be the hyphen.

HypheNation is the less noisy country next to (para) Vuvuzuela.

In HypheNation mediations, processes and becomings are everything, and Hermes is god.
We must conceive or imagine how Hermes flies and gets about when he carries messages from the gods – or how angels travel. And for this one must describe the spaces situated between things that are already marked out – spaces of interference. […] between has always struck me as a preposition of prime importance (Serres & Latour, Conversations, pp. 64).

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