The art of tracing part II

As evident from his interview-series with Latour, Serres foresaw wikipedia, which was traced out with the following words: No doubt, the information age will someday bring us an encliquopedia!

In honor of that fine tracing from the late Eighties, I bring you the definition of trace/to trace from wiktionary


  1. An act of tracing.
    Your cell phone company can put a trace on your line.
  2. A mark left as a sign of passage of a person or animal.
  3. A very small amount.
  4. (electronics) An electric current-carrying conductive pathway on a printed circuit board.
  5. An informal road or prominent path in an arid area.
  6. (mathematics) The sum of the diagonal elements of a square matrix

to trace

  1. To follow the trail of.
  2. To draw or sketch.
  3. To copy onto a sheet of transparent paper
[Couldn't remove the tracings of the old hyperlinks sufficiently, but somehow there's somekind of logic to that as well].

Apparently, some of this meanings will be very fruitful in the coming demonstrations.

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