Vuvuzuela II

In soccer, the attending group of supporters of a team is proverbially referred to as the twelfth player. However, the vuvuzela puts an end to that.

In few of the games of 2010 WC in South Africa, the usual noise of the audience could be heard. The famous Samba rhythms of the Brazilian supporters, for instance, totally drowned in the Vuvuzuelan clamor.

The shots of the Vuvuzuelan people, displayed on TV during the games, showed Vuvuzelas with colour-combinations from all of the participating countries. But the noise was a collective effort.

One Vuvuzuelan exclaimed that he was starkly against the prohibition of his noble instrument during games, it was his way of affecting the game.

So let it be known: The 12th players are dead, long live the 23rd player, and long live the n-1!

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