Vuvuzuela I

Have you ever been called home by the clear ringing of silver trumpets?
- Boromir to Aragorn

They say that the spell will be broken on sunday, a European country will win the world cup despite the fact that the championship is arranged outside of Europe. But will it really?

In a very technical sense, a European country will without doubt win, whether it is the Netherlands or Spain. But in the present line of argument it is argued that the victor will not be European, nor will the winner be from any of the other continents.

No country in the world, no judge, no remote audience can resist the parasitic noise of the vuvuzela. The vuvuzela is the sound of what Sean Smith, by way of Hardt and Negri, refers to as the sporting multitude. Therefore, let it be known that the constant Other in the field of sports, the audience, finally wields a power mighty enough to affect the game globally.

A global multitudinal citizenry was declared that fine day in June of 2010, that fine day when the country of Vuvuzuela was born.

Finally the royal prerogative of Minas Tirith is denounced, finally Boromir can claim the throne of Echtelion, not as a steward, but as a king.

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